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​How well do you know the basic stories of the Bible?  Do you know the important characters in the Bible and where their stories are located in the Bible?  This series will look at some of the foundational stories of the Bible that we each should know.

Using a simple reading from The Beginner’s Bible (Zondervan, 2005), we’ll be introduced to a new story each week.  Use the chart below and read the text from your own Bible before coming to worship.  Come with observations and questions.  And, if you need a Bible, please contact Pastor Jacob.

David and Goliath

See 1 Samuel 17:1-51

Goliath was over 9 feet tall.  Decked head to toe in bronze armor, a bronze scimitar hanging on his back, and a long spear in hand, he came out and taunted the Israelite army.  The Israelite soldiers were terrified.  No one challenged Goliath.  So he continued to mock, everyday, Israel and Israel’s god.  David, who was visiting the camp to take provisions to his older brothers, overheard the insults and asked the soldiers why no one was standing up for God.  David decided to take a stand against the terror spewed at his people and his God.  Armed with only a sling and a few smooth stones, David stepped onto the battle field.  Goliath charged.  David threw the first stone and Goliath fell to the ground.

This story is a testament to the power of a single person to (in the words of our Baptismal Covenant) “resist evil, injustice, and oppression in whatever forms they may present themselves.”  The odds may seem unfavorable; but with God’s help even giants can fall.

  • What fears keep you from taking a stand against evil, injustice, and oppression?


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