read 1 Peter 5:6-11


Prayer is an exercise in awareness and presence.  Just as prayer brings us into the presence of God and those for whom we pray, it also helps us to understand and know ourselves.  As we place ourselves in the presence of God, we come to know ourselves.

Peter encourages us (the church) into a time of self-reflection as we consider where in our lives we might be prideful and arrogant.  Where does our ego take priority over the concerns and needs of others?  He calls us to consider where in our lives we are experiencing anxiety and stress?  Over what do we fret and fear the day?  And, he calls us to consider consider the ways in which “the devil” prowls around us.  Where does evil tempt and threaten to lure us away the Way of Christ?  When we pray, teaches Peter, we should seek to take stock of ourselves.  As we pray for ourselves we should strive to humble ourselves before God, cast all our anxiety upon God, and pray that we might stay strong in the faith.


When you pray for your yourself, what prayers do you offer to God?  What do you hope your prayers will accomplish?

As you pray for yourself, what prayers might you offer that help to humble yourself, make yourself less anxious about life, and more firm in your faith?


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