Engagement is the sending out of grace-filled followers of Christ who are putting their faith into action. Through engagement, one offers hospitality to the stranger, inviting him/her into the fellowship of the body. Thus, we are on a continuous journey as disciples.

Purpose is the preparation and equipping for Christ’s service. One finds a sense of purpose in life as a disciple by learning what it means to live out one’s belief through acts of piety and acts of mercy, sharing one’s faith, being nurtured in the faith, and engaging in service.

To Offer Christ is to lead persons to commit themselves to Christ. Opportunities are provided to make a commitment to Christ through baptism by water and the spirit, profession of faith, and for growth in personal holiness through relationship with Christ and others.

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November 11 at 10am



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Hospitality is a means for people to explore a relationship with Jesus.  Through hospitality, one encounters and responds to the call of God and finds a sense of belonging among the church body when disciples proclaim the gospel, seek, welcome, and gather persons into the body of Christ.

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